Location, location, location…

LauFest is held once a year at Langdon Barton Farm, Down Thomas, Plymouth PL9 0DY

Arrival and Directions

LauFest is held in a tucked away rural location which can be a little tricky to find. The approach to the farmer’s field where the festival is has bumpy tracks and winding roads so please drive carefully (and slowly!) to respect the local village.

NB- Don’t follow your satnav to the above postcode or you’ll end up in the wrong farmer’s field! If you want to use satnav, follow directions to Langdon Court and then please follow the directions below:

  • Follow signs to Langdon Court/Bovisand
  • When you get to the entrance of Langdon Court follow the turquoise arrows
  • The arrows will carry you on down the road through the small hamlet of Barne Barton
  • Follow the road around a tight chicane (large motorhomes be warned!)
  • Carry on up the hill to the right the festival entrance is ahead on the right

Locals: we ask that you don’t approach the field from Wembury (due to the very tight hairpin bend) but instead follow these directions from Langdon Court to ensure easy-flowing traffic, no queues and no jams!


We aim to be as green and friendly to the environment as possible so we advise lift sharing or using public transport wherever possible! Car parking is just £5 per car and £10 for motorhomes/campervans for up to 3 days. You can come and go over the weekend as long as you retain your wristbands.

Once here, our lovely stewards will show you where to park- please only park where they show you due to the steep slope (hence the need for their careful car wrangling skills!). There is a short walk from your car to the campground. We advise that you do not leave valuables in your car overnight as we cannot be held liable should anything happen to your vehicle.

Setting up Camp

To anyone who wants to camp you can arrive on Friday 2nd August to set up from 12 noon onwards when the gates open. Tents, campervans, caravans, sleeping bags under the stars… all are welcome. The only thing we can’t allow is sleeping in your car in the car park – this is a big no!

Those of you with campervans will be directed to the campervan section of the camping area. Please do not exceed 5mph once you are beyond the car park point and please only park in the designated area allocated to you by the stewards. We are afraid that you will not be able to come-and-go in a campervan during the weekend so as to limit the amount of traffic whilst the festival is in progress.

We hope that everyone will be able to arrive on the Friday and stay until Monday (be sure to book Monday off work!) but if you plan to leave before Monday please let the steward know so we can try and park you in a more suitable spot for early departure.