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Town of Cats Bringing Festival Purrfection to LauFest - LauFest c
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Town of Cats Bringing Festival Purrfection to LauFest

By April 24, 2019 May 8th, 2019 No Comments
Town of Cats band

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Carnival Kings and Sequinned Queens

Town of Cats are an ever-mutating municipality of musical misfits, grown in Brighton’s grubby and fertile Petri dish. To hear them is to be transported by the transformative power of the best parties. The ones that set fire to your zero-hour contract and remind you that change, real change, can come from the most ordinary of places.

Wordplay careens between raised-brow punnage and righteous indignation at the state of the nation. Funk rhythms dare you not to dance, coloured by boiling blasts of brass and a guitar that warps from crystalline chicken-
scratch to face-melting prog. Whether the keys belong to some sleazy lounge act or the Mothers of Invention is up for debate.

Town of Cats started as a winking, whimsical set of backstreet fables. They’ve coalesced into a battle-hardened groove and a well-worn but vital message: when we stand together, we break down walls.

Town of Cats

Town of Cats bring a mixture of ska, gypsy-rock, hip-hop, funk folk and Latino to LauFest’s main stage on the Friday night and we can’t wait. From soul-slapping bass guitar, to beat-boxing flautists, punchy sax and booty-shaking beats, Town of Cats do what they can do make people get up and jump. See you at the front of the stage where you’ll find us shaking our tail feathers like never before!!

Town of Cats band

These crazy cats know all too well how to get a party howling, so we can’t think of anyone we’d rather have open the weekend’s celebrations than Town of Cats! Follow them over on Facebook here.


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