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Get Your Tribo Groove On.... - LauFest 2019 Lineup

Get Your Tribo Groove On….

By April 12, 2019 May 8th, 2019 No Comments
tribo groove

A Big LauFest Welcome to a Larger-Than-Life Band

We love the eclectic nature of the LauFest lineup, and are delighted to welcome the larger-than-life Tribo Groove this year to liven up the main stage on Saturday lunchtime. Sunny grooves and smiley vibes are what this Newquay-based band are all about. Imagine being sat out on the grass with a long cool drink, the kids dancing and playing in the heat of the August sun as Tribo Groove caress your ears with their infectious rhythms… we dare you not to tap those feet!

Who are Tribo Groove?

Playing a toe-tapping combination of tight beats and bouncy rhythms, Tribo Groove play a fusion of funk, world reggae and hip-hop music that’s sure to get you moving and up on your feet. There is something for every festival goer, from ravers to rockers to ragamuffins…. High energy, high vibes to get you in the mood for the LauFest party.

Members include lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Leo Rodrigues, who sings and MCs in a combination of English and his native Brazilian Portuguese. Bradlee Burchill, famous for his other role in Newquay-based band ‘Beachfield’, offers lyrical melodies and stellar guitar solos. On acoustic percussion and backing vocals is Kate Abriel, originally hailing from Canada, formerly known for her musical contribution to ‘The Mermites’. With Tom Davey on funk-ass bass and Paul McKenna giving it some on psychedelic guitar, the band also have Sam Jenkins offering mega-beats with the cajon and the Hollywood award-winning, chart-topping Tony King on trumpet.

Tribo Groove have exploded onto the scene this year and we’re so happy they will be gracing the LauFest stage. This one-of-a-kind band are not to be missed so be sure to snap up your tickets before they are sold out…


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