Questions & Answers

We’re always on hand to answer any questions you might have, but please check through our FAQs before getting in touch as we may well have already listed the answer below…

Can we camp?

Yes we encourage it! Your ticket includes 3 nights camping so bring your tent, campervan, caravan or motorhome and make a proper weekend of it.

Are dogs allowed?

Unfortunately your four-legged doggy friends will have to stay at home. This is due to the farm having livestock grazing and pheasants roosting in the surrounding fields so the ‘no dog’ rule is non-negotiable rule I’m afraid. Not even doggies in disguise will get past our security team on the door…

Is there mobile phone signal?

LauFest is set in a beautifully remote location with limited phone signal on approach to the farm, but thanks to a mobile phone mast on site we find that most networks are able to pick up a signal. However please make necessary provisions in case there is no phone signal or internet when you arrive, this is the countryside after all!

Is LauFest a child-friendly festival?

Of course! We pride ourselves on having lots of activities and fun for children,  so consider LauFest a fully child-friendly festival where the whole family are welcome to enjoy a weekend of music and magic.

When does the festival start and finish?

The gates to LauFest open at noon on the Friday so that you can get yourselves pitched and settled before the Friday evening’s music and entertainment. The festival rolls right through until the Monday morning (so be sure to book the Monday off work!).  This year (2019) the kids will be on school holidays already so you can make a proper long weekend of it…

What’s the deal with showers and toilets?

Although hardened festivallers will be accustomed to the ‘wet wipe wash’, please do not put anything down the loo that you wouldn’t put down your own loo and leave them in a state that you would wish to find them. If you can bring an eco-friendly shower gel for use in the shower we will love you forever (and so will the planet).  We kindly but firmly request that you do not empty camping loo casettes into our portable loos or they will overspill and we won’t have toilets for the festival! Thank you.

What facilities can we expect?

The camping field is on a beautifully rural farm in the middle of the countryside with little in the way of facilities (ie no electric hook ups). There is water available but it is a short walk so campers should be prepared and bring their own supply if required. As at most festivals, the parking area is a short walk from the camping field (for safety purposes) so be prepared to carry your camping stuff a few hundred yards to base camp. The festival itself will be well catered for with a bevvy of carefully chosen food and drink providers so be prepared to enjoy the delights on offer.

What is the security situation?

We have a vigilant security team operating at the festival to keep you all safe and happy, and to enforce our zero tolerance policy to anti social behaviour and illegal substances. No glass is allowed on site and there is no alcohol to be brought into the festival site whatsoever (there are plenty of food and drink providers on offer for you to choose from). People are free to come and go from the festival over the weekend, providing wristbands are worn at all times and used to gain re-entry.

How do we gain entry to the festival?

When you buy your ticket online, an E-ticket will be emailed to the email address you provided. Simply print this out and bring your E-ticket to the entrance of the festival with ID, where it will be exchanged for wristband(s) anytime from 12 noon Friday 2nd August 2019. Wristband collection will be available for the entire duration of the event. If you have bought an E-ticket with your credit card details and have given it to someone else, simply drop us an email to let us know their name and we will make sure they can gain access. If there are multiple people booked under one ticket order that are arriving at different times, just print the same E Ticket off for the individuals and our box office staff will check people in separately from the same order.

Can I bring my own alcohol in?

Bringing alcohol into the festival area is strictly prohibited. No glass is permitted anywhere. Our security team will be checking for glass containers and will confiscate any alcohol.

Where is the nearest village?

The small sleepy coastal village of Wembury is approximately 1 mile away and has a convenience store, a pub and a smattering of Air B&Bs. There is a petrol station approximately 3 miles away in Staddiscombe and the main city of Plymouth is approximately 6 miles away. Although it seems that the beach is directly below the field where LauFest is held, it is in fact approximately 1 mile walk through the winding country lanes. There is a beach cafe selling tea, cake and pasties. Please respect our neighbours and the surrounding countryside by keeping noise to a minimum and disposing of your rubbish correctly in the bins provided. Thank you.

Can we have campfires or BBQs?

We operate a strict ‘no fire’ policy at LauFest so thank you for adhering to this safety regulation.

Is there a dress code?

Whether it’s sparkles, the colour turquoise, crazy fancy dress, sequins, 50s dresses, flamingos, vintage, hair metal lycra, animal print, lightning bolts or pugs… dress however you want, just make sure it’s FABULOUS. Glitter is a must, but try and make sure it’s eco-friendly please! Shameless plug: you can buy your LauFest merchandise including t-shirts, leggings and sweatshirts at the festival.

Did someone say DANCING?

We want you to DANCE like you never danced before. Please shake that tail feather and move those hips… shimmy, shake and boogie all weekend long! The bands and tunes we have planned for you will make this an easy rule to keep I’m sure. We can’t wait, and hope that you are as excited as we are about attending the best little festival in the Westcountry…