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Daniel Surf in Partnership with LauFest - LauFest Sponsors
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Daniel Surf in Partnership with LauFest

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Daniel Surf PLymouth

A Beautiful Partnership…

LauFest is nothing without its sponsors. Running the best little music festival in the Westcountry doesn’t come cheap (!) so partnering with awesome brands is just one of the ways we raise vital funds to keep this homegrown festival running.

We are proud to announce that Daniel Surf is partnering with us this year by providing vital sponsorship and support so that we can pay the awesome bands we’ve lined up for you, and all the other stuff that goes along with creating a magical festival like LauFest! The Daniel family have always provided invaluable support to us, either by setting up the field for days on end, lending us ladders (!), helping to litterpick the entire field in the rain and wind and so much more (the less said about last year’s weather the better…).

We are eternally grateful to the whole Daniel family for their unending support and are extremely proud to partner with the UK’s number one surf distribution company.

All About Daniel Surf

Daniel Surf Supports LauFest

Daniel Surf started in the mid 70s when a UK pro surfer named Steve Daniel opened a surf shop called Steve Daniel Marine Sports in Plymouth, Devon.  Steve Daniel has been involved in the surfing industry for over 40 years, originally as one of the first professional surfers in Europe competing in International competitions. Steve was crowned British Surfing Champion in 1981 and was European runner-up in 1982.

Steve opened a retail shop named Steve Daniel Marine Sports in the mid-70s. With a keen eye for hot products, Steve wanted to stock some of the core surf brands that were popping up in the USA and Australia so the next logical step was to start up Steve Daniel Sports Distribution. This company later took the name “Daniel Surf” and now imports over 15 brands into Europe.
Steve’s passion for surfing enabled him to understand the market, the trends, the products and most importantly the consumer needs. This is why Daniel Surf has been able to stand the test of the time and continue to grow through hard economic times. Steve is starting to slow down as his sons take the helm although the same ethos remains, all Daniel Surf employees are surfers that wear, ride and test the products legitimising their in-depth product knowledge and understanding which has always been the Steve Daniel way.

Introducing the UK to brands such as Excel, Ocean & Earth, NSP and Futures (among others), Daniel Surf continue to lead the way for surf distribution of the best surf equipment in the world.

THANK YOU Steve and the team, your support means the world to us xxx

Sponsor the Best Little Festival in the Westcountry

Sponsorship is the best way to get your business seen by our guests and loyal fans; be that in the press, on our digital media platforms or at the festival itself. Without our sponsors it would be impossible to operate and continue raising vital funds for the breast cancer charity CoppaFeel!.

Our breathtaking location with sea views for miles means that a surf company is a brilliant partner for LauFest. We’d love to hear from pork pie companies, drinks brands (apple sours especially!), flamingo product brands, nail varnish companies, holiday businesses or indeed anyone who wants to get on board the most exciting and heart-filled family-friendly date on the Westcountry events calendar.  If you’d like to support LauFest (either in financial or practical terms), we have several options available so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Jump on board the LauFest press train and see where it takes you and your brand!


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