What Is Coppafeel?

CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer charity with the mission of giving everyone the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer. CoppaFeel educates people on the importance of getting to know their boobs because not only is feeling your boobs fun, it can be the difference between a long life or a life cut too short.

Knowing your boobs could save your life. It’s as simple as that.

In the UK, 1 in 8 women will experience breast cancer in their lifetime and 400 men are diagnosed every year. In the UK, only women will be invited to routine breast screening from the age of 47-50 years old, which takes place every 3 years. For that reason, checking your boobs is especially important for younger women and men and CoppaFeel! do everything in their power to spread awareness that anyone can get breast cancer (yes, even men).

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The charity was started by Kris Hallenga who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23. After finding a lump at 22, living abroad in China for 8 months and eventually visiting her doctor 3 times, Kris was told the news that she had incurable breast cancer. Who knows what would have happened if she was diagnosed earlier, but we know that finding breast cancer earlier gives you the best chance of survival. Kris has now lived with incurable cancer for 10 years and since starting CoppaFeel! has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to spread the awareness of getting to know your boobs. Watch Kris’ video message below:

A Charity Music Festival in Aid of CoppaFeel

Laura was a proud ambassador for CoppaFeel! and shortly after being diagnosed she joined the “Boobettes” – a group of incredible volunteers for CoppaFeel! who visit schools, work places, community groups and festivals to educate people about the importance of checking their boobs.

In her role as a Boobette, Laura raised an incredible £70k and worked tirelessly to educate others during the 8 years she lived with incurable breast cancer. Her work has already saved the lives of family, friends and countless more.

Unfortunately the CoppaFeel! message was too late to save our Laura, but in continuing to spread the message and raise vital funds and awareness, LauFest continues Laura’s legacy (and we’ve raised £10k so far – and counting!). All proceeds from this non-profit charity music festival go towards CoppaFeel! so you can have an awesome weekend watching the best live acts, all whilst doing something incredible for a truly worthwhile cause.

If you do nothing else today, go and feel your boobs please. NOW.

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